CEREC Crowns Ann Arbor MI dentists

Say Goodbye to Waiting With CEREC Crowns

Perfect for patients who are in need of protection for a weakened tooth but don’t want to wait around for a lengthy process, we present to…

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Teeth whitening cosmetic dentists in Ann Arbor MI

When to Consider Teeth Whitening for Yourself

Do you have a big event coming up or are you simply tired of dealing with discolored teeth day in and day out? Our Ann Arbor, MI, cosmetic…

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Athlete wearing sports mouth guard Ann Arbor dentists

How Sports Mouth Guards Work to Save Your Smile

Wearing a sports mouth guard might feel bulky at times but it’s much more preferable to dealing with a dental emergency, like a knocked-out…

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Lost dental filling Ann Arbor MI dentists

What to Do When a Filling Goes Missing

Sometimes things happen with your smile that you weren’t intending to experience. One of those such “things” is losing a dental filling. It…

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Dental implant restoration dentists in Ann Arbor MI

6 Clues That Point Toward Future Dental Implants

You know you should probably investigate a restorative solution so you can show your smile some much needed love but you’re not sure where…

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Oral cancer screening Ann Arbor MI dentists

Am I at Risk for Oral Cancer?

While oral cancer does not affect everyone, it is more prevalent than many think with thousands of cases detected each year in the United…

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TMJ disorder dentists in Ann Arbor MI

3 Easy Approaches to TMJ Disorder Treatment

Everyone may not know the specifics about TMJ disorder treatment and all that it involves but jaw pain is universally understood. It’s not…

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Dental inlays and onlays Ann Arbor MI dentists

Dental Inlays & Onlays: Aesthetic Solutions to Damaged Teeth

Repairing a tooth that’s experienced decay, acid erosion, or an injury can easily be transformed into something beautiful and aesthetically…

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Bleeding gums treated by Ann Arbor MI dentists

What Do Bleeding Gums Mean?

Typically, your gums should look pretty unassuming. After all, the main criteria for healthy gum tissue is that it’s pink in color and…

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Root canals Ann Arbor MI dentists

What Are Root Canals Like?

To start, the root canal procedure is not nearly as bad as you might think. That’s because over the years, root canals have garnered…

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Stress and oral health Ann Arbor MI dentists

Stress & Oral Health: How They’re Connected

Naturally, because life is life, stress happens. Sometimes it can help you get through an important project and other times, it can derail…

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SureSmile aligners Ann Arbor MI dentists

The Best Ways to Keep Your SureSmile® Aligners Clean

There are no metal brackets or wires with SureSmile® clear aligners, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still require daily cleaning. In…

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Tooth extraction dentists in Ann Arbor MI

Why You May Need Tooth Extraction

Saving your teeth is the number one priority of our Ann Arbor, MI, dentists. We want you to be able to keep your natural teeth intact but…

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Dental bonding and veneers cosmetic dentists in Ann Arbor MI

Dental Bonding vs. Veneers: Which One?

When you want a solution for stubborn tooth stains or other related imperfections, it’s key that you take some time to think over your…

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Implant supported dentures patient Ann Arbor MI dentists

Are Implant-Supported Dentures for Me?

Replacing multiple missing teeth has never been easier thanks to implant-supported dentures. While they have “dentures” in their name,…

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Baby teeth pediatric dentistry Ann Arbor MI dentists

How to Clean Your Child’s Gums and Baby Teeth

Did you know that the first step in making sure your child develops a healthy smile starts before they even have any baby teeth? Yes, oral…

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cosmetic bonding patient Ann Arbor MI cosmetic dentists

4 Cosmetic Bonding Benefits

If you’ve never heard of cosmetic bonding before, consider yourself introduced! This relatively simple procedure involves our Ann Arbor…

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oral hygiene routine Ann Arbor MI dentists

How to Boost Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Caring for your teeth is about more than just aesthetics. Sure, your smile looks good when you take the time to brush and floss, but these…

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Kids dental anxiety Ann Arbor MI dentists

5 Tips to Try for Kids With Dental Anxiety

Don’t be shocked if your child appears visibly shaken after you utter the word “dentist”. It’s quite common for young children to be…

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Dental bridge dentists in Ann Arbor MI

When Is a Dental Bridge the Right Solution?

It’s normal to think you’ll never have the need for a dental bridge, but life can throw you for a loop sometimes. Should you find yourself…

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Cavity treatment Ann Arbor MI dentists

Can You Stop a Cavity Once It Starts?

A cavity is literally a hole in your tooth so of course if there was a way to reverse it, you’d want to know. Unfortunately, unless your…

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Custom night guard Ann Arbor MI dentists

Signs You May Need a Night Guard

Do you wake up in the morning feeling less rested and more sore in the jaw or achey in the head? Well, you’re not alone but you may be…

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Dental emergency dentists in Ann Arbor MI

Do Not Ignore These Dental Emergencies

In most cases, it’s pretty obvious when you’re dealing with a dental emergency. The pain is often severe and you may or may not have a…

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Natural teeth whitening Ann Arbor MI dentists

Why You Should Avoid Natural Teeth Whitening Methods

Maybe an article was forwarded to your email or you came across a tutorial on social media. Regardless of how you heard about natural teeth…

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SureSmile clear aligners Ann Arbor MI dentists

4 Reasons You Should Choose SureSmile®

Orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be complicated. With SureSmile®, our Ann Arbor cosmetic dentists can straighten teeth using a custom…

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Patient with sensitive teeth Ann Arbor MI dentists

Sensitive Teeth: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

It might surprise you, but an estimated 1 in 8 adults in the U.S. experience over-sensitive teeth. This amount of people is staggering and…

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Teeth whitening Ann Arbor MI cosmetic dentists

Why Are My Teeth Stained?

Be honest, you’ve probably dreamt of having Hollywood-esque pearly whites. Unfortunately, when you look in the mirror, that’s not what you…

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Dental implant care Ann Arbor MI dentists

How to Care for Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are made to look and feel just like natural teeth. They’re also permanently embedded into your jawbone which means there is…

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Porcelain veneers cosmetic dentists in Ann Arbor MI

What Dental Issues Can Veneers Fix?

If there’s something you dislike about your teeth, our Ann Arbor, MI, cosmetic dentists are here to change that. One of the ways we can get…

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Same day crowns Ann Arbor MI dentists

5 Benefits of a Same-Day Dental Crown

Our Ann Arbor, MI, dentists may recommend a same-day dental crown to restore an injured or decayed tooth. Unlike traditional dental crowns,…

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Gum Disease Treatment Dentists Ann Arbor MI

How to Prevent Gum Disease

When you think of your smile, your teeth probably come to mind first. Of course, your teeth are important but let’s not forget about what’s…

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