Why Are My Teeth Stained?

Be honest, you’ve probably dreamt of having Hollywood-esque pearly whites. Unfortunately, when you look in the mirror, that’s not what you see. Our Ann Arbor cosmetic dentists can help you fix any tooth stains thanks to our professional teeth whitening services.

Here’s what you need to know about what may have caused your stained teeth.

Causes Behind Tooth Discoloration

Most of the time, the hidden cause behindyellowed or discolored teeth is not so hidden after all. For example, if you’re like many adults around the world, you drink coffee in the mornings. Unfortunately, coffee can easily stain your teeth when consumed on a regular basis.

Avid tea drinkers also fall into this camp thanks to its intense color pigments that cling to your enamel. The pigments are known as chromogens and are contained in other beverages like red wine as well.

Your teeth changing color can also be attributed to:

  • Smoking or other tobacco use
  • Natural aging
  • Oral trauma or injury
  • Certain medications
  • Excessive fluoride exposure (fluorosis)
  • Poor dental hygiene

If you identify with one of the reasons listed above, our cosmetic dentists can help by moving forward with a teeth whitening procedure. We can also discuss the possibility of porcelain veneers if your specific tooth discoloration is severe.

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Please remember that if you want your results to last after treatment, the cessation of tobacco use, regular dental cleanings, and daily oral hygiene are all encouraged.

What to Know Before Pursuing Teeth Whitening

A key thing to keep in mind before you decide to whiten your teeth is their sensitivity. Are you someone who cringes when they eat ice cream or drink hot coffee? Odds are teeth whitening may not work out as you want.

That’s because the whitening procedure can temporarily increase your level of tooth sensitivity though it doesn’t damage natural enamel. This is a popular myth but rest assured, the outer layer of your teeth is safe. It’ll just be stained a whiter shade.

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Our dentists will need to evaluate your smile before any teeth whitening option is chosen. A thorough dental examination paired with a discussion about your personal preferences will ultimately influence whether the cosmetic procedure is best.

Popular Teeth Whitening Methods to Avoid

We’ve all heard of the pure and natural teeth whitening methods that are designed to lighten up your smile in no time. Some solutions are more far-fetched than others and very few have been shown to have a positive effect on the color of your teeth.

Natural teeth whitening methods to be wary of include:

  • Rubbing acidic fruits or fruit peels (lemons, oranges, etc.) on your teeth to remove dark stains
  • Practicing oil pulling and swishing coconut oil around in your mouth to lift yellow stains
  • Brushing your teeth with a mixture of baking soda and water
  • Using any oral care product involving charcoal as a main ingredient

Whereas professional teeth whitening from our dentists is safe for your enamel, natural remedies can often cause damage to that part of your tooth. For instance, if acidic fruits or fruit peels are used deliberately, the enamel will soften and can wear away.

Our cosmetic dentists instead use safe, but powerful whitening gel to brighten your smile. The gel is also dental-grade and has been proven to efficiently whiten teeth that are discolored.

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Are you ready to take the next step and commit to a smile free of stains? If so, our cosmetic dentists in Ann Arbor, MI, welcome you to give professional teeth whitening a go. After all, we’re here to help! Call Liberty Dental today at (734) 994-0909 to request an appointment.

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